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We Bring the Good Times to Growing Up in Charleston, SC!

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Group 27

Our Mission

Messy Monkeys Childcare Center provides a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to be curious – to play, to learn, to share and to grow - all under gentle guidance and loving attention while they are away from the care of their own parents.

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Tailored to Every Age Group


6 weeks - 12 mos


1 - 2 years

early education program

Early Explorers

2 - 3 years


3 - 4 years

4k prepper learning program

4-K Preppers

4 - 5 years


childcare center west ashley sc

West Ashley

Messy Monkeys Childcare Center
2487 Ashley River Rd Ste. 8
Charleston, SC 29414


childcare center johns island sc

Johns Island

Messy Monkeys Childcare Center
3546 Maybank Hwy., Unit B
Johns Island, SC 29455

(843) 640-3996


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Group 33

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